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Reapertom is a 2D arcade video game where you have to navigate through mazes to harvest your out of control crops. You have created a new fertilizer that causes your crop to grow faster than you can reap it. Needless to say that has caught the attention of some envious people, and the battle has just begun...

Watch out for obstacles, bombs, and relentless critters under the spell of an ill intent farmer who's after your secret fertilizer, but don't despair! In those fields are also some hidden treasures and rewards that are sure to help you win the battle.


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  • 4 original challenges with 6 levels each to master.
  • Create your own levels and challenges with the level editor and challenge editor.
  • Browse and download levels created by others and include them in your challenges.
  • Compete against the world with online challenges updated regularly.
  • Online Leaderboards.
  • Watch your replays or those on the online Leaderboards and learn from them.
  • 15 achievements to earn.


  • Steam (Soon).
  • Playstation (TBA).
  • XBLA (TBA).


Reapertom is developed by Hexmind. A small, one person team, based in Montreal, Canada.